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This is the sixth World Celebrity-Owned Restaurants Poor

This is the sixth World Celebrity-Owned Restaurants Poor - Was no denying that the current trend is growing among the international celebrities that start the food in the restaurant business. Does not a few who want to try their luck with a capital of only reckless and want to sell their name. But most of them are very confident that the great man in the world of acting, or comedy, singers and others able to raise the interest of the buyer.

But not all celebrities who turned out to be successful with the business in the path. There is even a restaurant they are very very poorly maintained, dirty, rundown and dirty. Here is his review:

1. Britney Spears

At the age of 21 years, ie a pop star Britney Spears has mastered the art of music (art of music), and he also decided to better take the next step to explore the culinary industry / food. Right in 2002, Britney Spears tried to open a simple Cajun-themed restaurant in Manhattan and had named Nyla. The restaurant name he took from the city of New York stands and Louisiana.

Unfortunately, Nyla must mired with various number of problems that arise. Even Nyla also included in violation of health code rules, and not only that, employees were also no one can stand to work there long. In an effort Britney in an attempt to save his restaurant, he tried to change the Cajun menu with a variety of Italian dishes. again, such efforts can not and useless in business rescue Britney.

In total, the restaurant is only Britney can last 6 months since officially opened. Even months 6 Nyla has been closed because of its appearance squalid and unhealthy for society at large.

2. Justin Timberlake

This is the most surprising thing. Justin Timberlake turns out to have a restaurant and a bar called Southern Hospitality in New York. But the astonishing fact once instead of an investigation that has been carried out by the health authorities of the city.

In about a month in July 2013 and has been published medical reports and also asserted that the restaurant food Justin has the score was 78 out of 100 levels slovenly. It signifies no more than 28 percent of the health and cleanliness of the restaurant that was carried by the restaurant Southern Hospitality.

3. Brad Womack

In an examination of the level of health and also the level of cleanliness by one of the agencies in town Texas team, they have to have its own value standards. It is known that a score of 69 on the level of a restaurant slovenly already has failed or is not successful or do not pass the test.

Well guys, meanwhile a Dogwood food restaurant in the area of ​​Austin, Texas belonging to a Brad Womack had scores more than 72. Only got 3 points only, it means he has failed restaurant. In fact, there is also a report that was released when the time was indeed belong to Brad Dogwood restaurant was very dirty and nasty.

4. Jamie Oliver

Ironic, a profession of British celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver yuppss he is who has had a dozen of his own cooking show should get a serious problem related to his private restaurant in London. The restaurant is named Barbecoa declared a failure in a medical examination, worse still where it was also immediately closed just within 24 hours!

Barbecoa already have qualified title as a culinary tour of the most squalid and also the worst. Because it causes in examination has found many mushrooms that grow on the engine coolant and also turned out to be expensive meat in it. Not only that, there are mushrooms that was also contained in a drink.

Even worse was found a number of animals such as mice droppings scattered in every corner of the room. There is also the chicken from the results it returns are also expected to use preservatives dangerously high levels.

5. Lisa Vanderpump

Probably most of you will feel very disgusted if you have to see it. The restaurant and bar owned celebrity Lisa Vanderpump get very squalid rating very fantastic all. Of the value of the numbers 1 through 100, the restaurant called Villa Blanca is scored 90. You must be able to imagine how how slovenly condition of the place.

Villa Blanca has been closed for three days from the beginning of the opening, after the discovery of so many violations committed by the restaurant, as well as in the level of cleanliness is very low and there is also a rat ever in it.

6. Lady Gaga

Around July 2013 last, named Joanne Trattoria restaurant owner is Lady Gaga who is housed in the city of New York has been undergoing a medical examination and hygiene. The results were pretty bad too because there are a lot of violations, such as, among others, the rotten potatoes, also no signs of the cleanliness of the use of tableware and kitchenware.

Even some customers who never testified revealed that he once saw a rat in the restaurant. At that time, customers also clearly see the rats running, there are rats running and running around the table and also eat the crumbs on the floor. It is not just a mere rumor alone, they apparently also had to take a photo of the rats that were direstoran. The rats were known also agile remote corner of the room passes through the hole of one part of the wall restaurant. More ironically, none at all decisive action on the part of the medical examiner linked from this incident.

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