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This Is The Nature Based on Blood Type

This is the nature Based on Blood Type - Hello friends who are still loyal to visit the blog this psychology that will make you increasingly recognize the circumstances around you, I had a discussion ya something, the request of my friend .....

We humans or even all living beings in this world clearly has blood, which we discuss here is darrah man, not the holy blood (later even lead to Hunk-Hunk Wolves hehehe), instead of animal blood (I do not understand how the blood of animals) . Human blood was divided into four groups, namely: A, B, O, and AB. Of the four groups that have the characteristics and uniqueness of each human blood group, well, like what is the uniqueness and characteristics of each blood type ?? Let us discuss together

Blood Type A
They are believed to have consistent properties, organized, hard-working edge too scared, anxious, worried (quasi perfect) so as to make the people around him do not like.
Blood type is shy, tends to be very polite once behavior. But each person has a blood type A has the same properties is difficult to fit in with others. They are personally responsible. If there is a work to be done, they choose to be more concerned with their own personal affairs. Blood type A desperate for a success and perfectsionist.

Individuals who have this blood type is the creative and artistic than the other blood group, possibly due to their sensitivity. They are also believed to be a classic and easy to stress.

1. They are cool, calm, patient, serious
2. Firmly, believable but stubborn.
3. When going to do something, they are very cautious, wary, thinking of planning
    until completely cooked. They will work with intention and very consistent.
4. They always try to make themselves as ideal and as natural as possible in their community.
5. Ordinary is also like the looks alone and try to stay away from people at any given moment.
6. Always suppress feelings and make themselves look tough in the face of any kind, although
    were in fact they have anxiety, nervousness and many other things.
7. They can be hard for people who do not have the same opinion, then its
    they like to get together with people who have the same termperamen with them.

Blood Type B
They enjoy this nature / relaxed, less cooperative as well as likes to follow the rules / ideas of their own thinking so those with blood type B can also be called individualism. His blood type is more likely concerned with their own ideas rather than feelings. Thus, they have a cold nature is also very serious. Person who has blood type B is considered walkin conventionalist than other blood types.

1. curiosity high, easily attracted by something new. (Kepo once heheheh)
2. They have a lot of hobbies and interests. So if they feel like something very
    passionate and easy too bored.
3. However, they are able to choose which things are most important and which ones are the best to choose from
    of the many things he was doing.
4. Blood type B has always wanted to be number one and do not want when they are considered average
    or in general. They often neglect other things if they're interested and focused on
    one thing, or they can also be called language kasarannya not "multi-tasking"
5. Looks seem carefree spirit, brilliant and very enthusiastic when viewed from the outside of his course,
    whereas the original is different to what his true nature themselves.

Blood Type O
For those who have blood type O's, tend to its open, energetic, high social sense. This group of people is very flexible compared with other blood types.
They are easy to start a project but will be many obstacles and difficulties that they face, because they are very easy to give up. Many behavior and can not be too unreliable .They always like to say what they dipikiran.
Easy to appreciate other people's opinions, likes to be the center of attention and their personal confidence.

1. Its the usual group O is like bringing a cozy atmosphere, creating a passion for
    a group and play a role in creating harmony among the members of the group
    concerned, they have the leadership so deserve to be leadership.
2. The nature of this they can be seen when they are as a person who is able to receive and
    implement something quietly.
3. If they feel very keal with others, it is difficult to be angry against the person directly.
4. Generously (good), likes to do good and truth. They are generous, not stingy to
   spend money for the sake of others.
5. Favored by everyone even though they are so stubborn and always have an opinion
    themselves about various things, but in secret.
6. People of blood type O is very flexible, easy to accept new things.
7. It's easy to be influenced by the surrounding environment and others.
8. They are headed, and reliable but they often slip because they have
    less cautious and vigilant so that could cause a problem.

Blood Type AB
People who have blood type AB is difficult to forecast / predict / guess. This guy has the characteristics at the end of the spectrum at the same time. For example: they bsia be a shy person, and in a moment can change otherwise. They very easy once changed from one of the properties to other properties or the opposite.
Blood type AB can to be trusted and able to be responsible once. But they are less able to handle the problem is too much. They want only to help as long as their condition allows. This type of person with art and metaphysics.
Blood type AB blood type is considered as the worst in the country of the rising sun of Japan.
They are easy to leave their jobs because of their desire is not fulfilled .They are very known to be sensitive and wants to be commended to cover the shortage of this type of group.

Some cases, some companies try to divide employees into several classes or groups based on their blood type, but no one wants to work together with people of this group AB.

1. They have a gentle nature and is very sensitive.
2. Very keep the feelings of others as well as very caring and attentive at all.
3. In addition, they can also be harsh with themselves can also to people who
    around them.
4. They look like having two personalities.
5. They are always to be so sentiments and thinking too sharp, deep, and long.
6. It has many associations and friends, but they need time alone separately
    reflect on their own problems.

That's an explanation of the characteristics possessed by each blood group,,, but it is certainly not entirely true in fact,,, So, it is only for knowledge ..... thank you very much ...

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