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Tricks Identifying People Lying

Tricks Identifying People Lying - This is a very exciting topic to be discussed, as most of us would want to learn this, whether it be of men or women, are very useful for us to recognize the body language of people lie so we know that we are in lying or being be honest. Therefore we need to learn what are the signs of people lying and is very efficient when we're communicating in our daily lives, with the opposite sex, with family or relatives, or we're an important meeting in our office, or suddenly one day someone came home we then try to offer something to us, and many more. So that we can understand what we're dealing with people who were lying or not, then we need to have Actually, the secret is not difficult to know the people we deal with are lying or not, body language spontaneously to expose these lies, this happens because the those who were lying prefers words than what happens to her body. How was he smart menyembunyikkan lie but body language can not deceive, body language will memberikkan gestures that escape its control because the brain has a security system that will be forwarded when receiving nonverbal messages that are not aligned.

Some of the tips below will help us deal with people who are trying to lie to us, so the next step we can directly hit his head. hahahaa

Mouth shut and coughed
It is the little things that are often performed by a small child or even an adult when she was lying, but to close the mouth sometimes also disguise his lie by pretending to cough when he was not being affected by the disease cough .Keinginan shut this is a reflex that occurs without realizing it , the brain sends a signal, sent to stop waffle lie.

Touching Nose
This move relatively finer than those who kept his mouth shut, people who lie will by itself rubbed the bottom of the nose either quickly or slowly, if done quickly then you will find it hard to make sure. This movement is usually mild and soft, not hard and as scratching, but you must be careful because it could be he was itching. The explanation is when the mind is lying on the mind of the subconscious brain will send a hand shut up .This is the response of the mouth that spoke a lie but the last time the hand to the mouth - so that the business is not too visible shut up - then hand slightly pulled away from the face of the will touch found in the nose, another theory that when people lie mengatakkan the nerve endings itchy nose then a person who is lying will reduce the itch to touch her nose but slowly and gently. Well if you ever inadvertently perform the move when lying ??

Turning view, rubbing eyes, Total Wink
The eyes are the windows to the heart and soul, the eyes can reveal everything and this is indeed true, the eyes can tell the mood, even if you lie .At lying eyes trying to see or look the other way, either downward or upward, which clearly looked away of people who talk to him Usually accompanied by a gesture looked away itchy eyes and he would rub his eyes or can also view remains fixed on the opponent, but he rubbed his eyes, his usual eye rubbing his men harder than women, but move the eye rubbing is not always in the eye, it could be in the area around the eyes. Another way endeteksi lie is to see his improvement .The blink his eyes which lie the nerve will work faster than his usual.

Turning Face
Anything to do with the eye rubbing gesture, a gesture turned away can be done after or before rubbing the eyes, people are often turned away when talking actually save anything. Michael Argyle in his book "The psychology of interpersonal behavior" saying that the frequency at each other ranges between 30-60% of the time the conversation, people tend to require more eye contact than talk means more people will see his opponent when the other person is saying -said. In a gesture is no exception, for example, in terms of culture, custom java examples in a younger impolite if too often looked at the older person while talking, so be careful with this exception.

Scratching Neck
From the research of Dr. Morris gestures usual scratching his neck with his index finger, it indicates doubt or uncertainty of what she had said this .Gerakan can be done at the right or left of the neck, either left or right hand .No explanation is scratching the front or back of the neck including cue lying but if we follow his cues finding out (shut up, looking away, eye contact etc.) can also he is lying.

Voice tone changes
Although this is not the language of referral to the body but so many lessons to be learned to understand the character of the speaker .Coba observe the person being interview on radio or TV, when his words indicate intonation is not clear, due to the added volume decreases or the sound is not clear articulation. If this is the case of possible he mengatakkan things that are not true. Change can happen when someone is nervous that his voice did not come out so well. kegugipan could happen and it merupakkan sign people are lying.

That`s tips separately identify people are lying, may be useful for many people so that we can better know what our speaker is lying or not.

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