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Life Profile Deddy Corbuzier

Life profile Deddy Corbuzier - Who does not know the man who headed this pelontos, that we often see on television pacing Indonesia, whose real name is Andreas Deddy Cahyadi of Deodatus Sunjoyo or more familiar in the call Deddy Corbuzier always synonymous with makeup spooky and always wear all black. Chinese descent who was born on December 28, 1976, Jakarta, Indonesia, the job is as a magician (Mentalist), fitness trainer, presenter, and as an actor. it is difficult to define what is appropriate work for her self because he is so much talent and he has also won many awards such as the Merlin Award World best Mentalist, Talkshow Presenter Award, Presenter quizzes, presenter entertainment (by Panasonic Gobel Awards), the fastest and knife throwers accurate, Wingchun's Award and many more. He also scored a lot of other famous great magician like Bow Vernon, Oge Arthemus, Demian Aditya, etc.

Aside from being a magician or magician, presenter, host, he also starred in several films and commercials, as well as soap operas. Soap opera ever he stars is the King Magic Indosiar, Variety show: The Master, Black & White, World Record, Indonesia search for talent, The Next Mentalist, Big deddy. Ads that once he stars is Mito, Neozep Forte, Cerebrovit, Daia detergents, Kawasaki, bath soap Nuvo, Mie Sedaap.

Besides a lot on television, he also had published several books that are popular in the community, namely Mantra, Book Of Magic, Seven Dark Secrets Of Rubik's Cube. And all the books he releases is booming once and the best seller so quickly exhausted his stock in bookstores.

Deddy terminate the bachelor married Kalina Oktarani or more familiarly known as the Kalina on February 25, 2005, and they had had a son who was named her Azkanio Nikola Corbuzier. Unfortunately, this pair can only survive as long as 8 years. On January 31, 2013 they divorced quietly in court Negri North Jakarta.

After the divorce Deddy start making amazing things back, for his self, he can more freely express himself in every performance so stunning on stage. No kidding, every appearance Deddy always make the audience beating heart through a very remarkable appearance, from the ordinary to perform magic tricks that invites high risk Deddy ever done.

In the mid-2013 Deddy created a diet method called OCD (Obsessive Corbuzier's Diet), a method that he learned from the rental car driver while at Hongkong which so much controversy reap the pros and cons. So he should also publish the diet theory in a book that he wrote himself.

Deddy Corbuzier also been in ICU RS Premier Plastica, on January 26, 2014 because of his tail bone pinched nerve. This is an effect of the accident he had ever experienced five years ago said it.

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