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How To Express Feelings

How To Express Feelings - A loving relationship is beautiful when we live together with people we like / love, and in a process of relationship, thing that makes the heart beat faster, and most menentukkan is when we express our feelings to the person. It is often mnembuat most people become tense, the heart beats very fast, the mind starts to blank, and sometimes unbearable nervous, sometimes there are people who do not want to reveal just buried only in the liver, damned if we have a sense of the person, and the he also has the same feelings to us, and he's getting tired of waiting for the honesty of our last preferring someone else then his pain in the hearts of a barrage, troubled half dead for some people.

Thus the necessary confidence and courage to express a feeling full of us to someone we love / like / love. Better if we are already quite familiar with and comfortable, just express what is in our hearts and minds not only buried constantly, instead there will be a heavy burden, stripped constantly.
When we express feelings, a bad thought that always comes to mind is afraid that if he did not like or refuse us ,. Well this time we will discuss some tips how to express the feeling that we are not rejected ,,, (please try the tips below but kaalu already endeavor, praying to be rejected, yaaa God had another way anyway hehehe)

Recognize Signs That He's Falling Hearts
That's right, before we express our feelings to others, then we need to know first if there are signs that he also falls in love / put his heart to all of us (though few), they are not his usual irritable, more attention, rather sullen when we often close to other people, sometimes also peeked, send a romantic love poem or romantic sms, appear more presentable, and also often wondered about you (always for police). Her usual it is a sign that he is also a sense, whether it be little or much. look also look in his eyes, his hand, if he looks awkward, easily forgive sensitive to what you feel, that characterize what if he likes you.

But the first mistake we often make is someone that is not biased recognize marks of person who likes to tell us whether it is true or not have the same feelings with us. The first possibility we also too PeDe only with him a little attention, but we misinterpret it as he put sense to us, but it could just as well or friend saying. Whoever the person who like this will surely experience rejection. Hopefully you did not include such so buddy

Do not Be Too Highly Aggressive
thats right .... I know your feelings to him very, very big, but we should also be able to control ourselves .Please do is we have become too aggressive to get him. Sometimes it is necessary to sell its expensive to make yourself feel curious about us, sometimes it is so if someone made a curious fact he's trying to for police in our hehehe. Try to give attention to him but merely saying and reasonable course, still stay to keep your image in front of him.

Take Right Now
At the moment we know that he also likes us / put the heart, but also does not guarantee that he will accept us and will not reject us. There are countless reasons why something like this could happen for example, is not sanctioned for dating her parents first, pengennya focus on learning and to education, or it could be he kepengen directly spoken to marry. So we need to know and learn what their character is, conditions and circumstances so that we can choose a time when it is appropriate for us to express our feelings to her.

Reveal With A Unique Way / Different
If we express our feelings in different ways, will have the sensation of its own
. Our creativity in the test, how we are to create an atmosphere that is so incredible feeling to him when we express our feelings, until she had her own assessment for that we really truly him. When giving something, try though he could just be silent on what we do. Try the one to think hard and his unusual experiment to reveal his feelings to, find a way of delivering that is not in general, for example, give him an item that is not common and give writing expressions of your heart penetrating her heart. Slightly be poetic to captivate her so she can love you.

Direct reveal Himself to wait Do not Let Old
Very fatal mistake that we often encounter and see on tv is sending his letter, phone, or text message (sms) .Dikarenakan for himself would think, well, if the case was already thinking this can sometimes make him berubvah mind to accept us as partner. So ... just express directly and also give firmness to her that you really love her very sincere ... if the media,,, later he will think you are a coward afraid bagimana ..mengungkapkan a feeling that there will be problems in life, you want to avoid his past.

Similarly, a few tips on how to express our feelings to someone,, hopefully will be beneficial to all its readers, if you want to express feelings.
Until we meet again next article his friend all the visitors

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