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recognize one's personality

recognize one's personality - Discussing personality is an interesting discussion, because it involves the soul, passion and desire .Personality always in touch with people who have an important existence as social beings, both internally "(social for himself)" or externally "(social for others) ", in other words, each person has a different personality. without personality, human beings will not be tested, it is not clear, there is no meaning, and not like a human being should be. PERSONALITY DISCERN THE ONE WITH THE OTHER.

personality is derived from the word persona, (refer to mask commonly used showman in ancient Roman times). in general, the personality that always leads to how individuals to popularize themselves and spread to other personal impression.

Which in dasarannya literally the definition of personality itself in general are soft because assess behavior can be observed and can be ignored the possibility that this characteristic may change depending on how the situation around him. In addition to the definition of so-called mushy either because of its nature evaluative (nature always judge), however, is essentially a personality that can not be rated "good" or "bad" because of neutrality.

What is interesting about this study personality psychology is that of many experts that make this a separate science lessons from existing knowledge. In some concepts, this issue became a central issue so many experts who gave different arguments about personality. C.G. Jung in his book "Psychological Types" in 1971, he gave the personality of introvert and extrovert. Both types are characterized by the nature of the individual to an object. An introvert basically often want to escape rather than the object, as if the object were to be prevented from his self-control. In contrast, extroverts have a positive attitude to the object. Were the ones who have mastered the object.

Isabel Briggs Myers in his book "Gifts Differing", split into eight types Jung discusses two types of assessment and understanding. It is he who has found a Myers-Briggs type indicator which is the measurement of personality preferences, capacities and limitations. He sure each type have their respective strengths.

GW All Port (1897) who has completed his Ph.D. in psychology in the era of 1922 at Harvard University, to give an idea, "Personality is the dynamic organizationb wwithin the individual Reviews those psychological system that Determine his unique adjustments to his environtment." (Personality is a dynamic organization that is on someone in a mental health system that determines the uniqueness of the adjustment to the environment). And of these ideas we can understand that personality is an organization that has been structured from the many interrelated elements. This linkage has a structure arrangement in functional relationships.

Personality has a lot of its plural meaning, even because it is arguably the total number of definitions and understanding of personality is a group of people who interpret it. In this occurs because of differences in the drafting, research and measurement.

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